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Prescription safety is our top priority. Do you or someone you know think they can benefit from having a ScripTalk in their home? Do you want your pharmacy to offer the service? Contact us so we can help you get started.


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Angela Brown

Columbus, OH

"I messed up taking two heart medications before and I felt terrible, really sick. ScripTalk is a godsend! The first time I used it, I just smiled so wide!”

William M.

Buckatunna, MS

“Before I used ScripTalk … I had to wait for somebody to look at the bottle for me and help me get them sorted out. I had a big tool box out in my garage. I put a different pill bottle in a different drawer and memorized where they were. Then I found out about ScripTalk. It’s a real blessing. You just don’t know how hard it is to be a situation where you can’t read.”

Sandy Driver

Markesan, WI

“I take 32 pills a day. ScripTalk is the most precious thing … I’m almost blind and I’ve not needed anybody’s help with taking my meds. It’s really helped me be independent. It’s wonderful!”